Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WIP Cryx Scaverous Army

Hi all
Only yesterday I've got my Erebus and P3 paints for Cryx.
Erebus already assembled but have no base ideas for him (and for whole army).

For now I've made two test bases for the Defiler&Deathripper. You can see them in pics below. I used Slayer from Cryx Battlegroup to get cards for my bonejacks and Helljack for the Erebus conversion kit. I still have two more Deathrippers and one Defiler - still undecided about them (to sell/trade or have them for my army).
I also got Seether but unfortunately I've got 2 left claws and not single right for him so now it's waiting replacement parts.

I hope to start testing my Cryx pant scheme in few days (very close to PP one).

Now you can say I have Scaverous Battlegroup :-)

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