Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Warmachine Army - Cryx

Hi all

I'm starting  my 1st 25 pts of Cryx army.
Here is my humble start - 1 Warcaster and 2 scrap-build bonejacks (now I must find cards for them because they made from parts I've got from several different models.)

Also I'll need to paint them. 


Mugu said...

Looking forward to see how you paint them. A nice tutorial on how you paint your Scaverious would be nice as I'm planning painting mine soon and would like to see how you paint yours in detail. Additionally, I can help you with the cards if you like, just email me at vegaskatus at yahoo dot com.

Spellscape said...

Thank you I'll try to make tutorial this month. I'm working on many projects in same time so I don't know exact timing. But I'll make it for sure.