Monday, February 16, 2009

The Shiny Tyranid Guide :-)


At long last my long promised (and first ever) shiny Tyranid tutorial :-) My greetings to Warpshadow,Warseer, and The Tyranid Hive - thank you for all support you gave me in this 2 years.
So this is more guide than real “do as I say” tutorial.
At first let’s start from what you may need for this. As you can see on photo #1 all you need is finished tyranid (photo #2), several brushes and fine metallic powder (I don’t know it's “real” name but I think you can find it in art shops) also the spray varnish is needed. I use old kolinsky brush for this work #2 or #1 (Citadel standard or large size) - I’ve tried synthetic (Citadel Drybrushes) but in my experience kolinsky just better for this.

Now lets start work. In any case brush must be completely dry. Just put some metallic powder on the brush and use it on carapace - in the same manner you paint.
At first it will be like powder (photo #4) but after few strokes it will feel like undiluted Citadel metallic paint (photo #5). At this stage its up to you - what colors, how many layers to use.

For my army I use 3 different metallic powders. If you will ever put some powder on undesired areas DON'T USE BRUSHES just blow on it and powder will be gone. Brush as you will see work just like drybrushing but in more delicate way. For example hard synthetic brushes wipe powder from model. On photo #6 you can see carapace after second layer and on photo #7 after final 3rd layer.

Next and final stage is varnishing on photo #8 you can see what I use for this stage.
ALWAYS remember shake varnish for 1-2 minutes (or even more) because if you don’t - you risk spoiling model.

1. You can varnish after each stage - this way at first you’ll see final result - because varnish not only holds metallic powder but slightly change its look too.
2.In nature carapaces never have only one color so mixing color is GOOD.
3.Use dark colors first and than highlight with lighter colors.
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